RNG And RTP, Two Key Numerical Concepts In Slot Machines

RNG And RTP, Two Key Numerical Concepts In Slot Machines

Brian Navarra

June 13, 2023

The aesthetic side of slot machines always catches our attention. Flashy symbols, bright colors, fast-spinning reels, and bonuses of all kinds. And behind each of these elements hides the mechanics that govern the operation of slot machines. RNG ( Random Number Generator in English, that is, Random Number Generator ) and RTP ( Return To Player in English, that is, Return to Player) are the two basic acronyms that all slot machine fans should know. The first refers to the essential algorithm that enables online casino malaysia slot machines to function. The second is the most interesting for players, as it indicates the casino’s statistical return from the payments it receives in a given game.

Operation Of The Random Number Generator (RNG)

The first mechanism that you should know is that of the RNG, the algorithm that allows you to generate numbers in a totally random and unpredictable way and which is currently the basis of the operation of online casino slots. The Random Number Generator is present in all online slot software. It can produce hundreds of times per second a series of numbers ranging from one to ten digits.

Each number produced corresponds to a symbol and a specific position in each roll. During a game, when the reels stop, the software randomly selects the symbols and the position at which they will stop. This will decide the result of the roll. In this way, slot machine players can rest easy: the use of an RNG is one of the surest methods to guarantee the impartiality of slot machines due to their variability and the reliability of the algorithm that is responsible for guaranteeing randomness of the runs.

The RNG Is Responsible For Regulating Two Main Functions.

The microchip that allows the operation of the Random Number Generator works thanks to very sophisticated and elaborated software whereby each slot provides the final position of the symbols in a random and completely impartial way. For this to happen, it is essential that it is configured impeccably. The following are the two essential functions of the RNG:

  • Payment Frequency (Hit Frequency In English): This is the term used to indicate the frequency with which a slot machine generates a winning combination.
  • Percentage Return (Payback Rate In English): the return percentage refers to the percentage of refund players of a slot machine, the operation determined by the RNG.

The combination of these two factors is what makes it possible for modern slot machines to guarantee fairness and randomness in the results they provide. With the digital revolution, RNGs have become an indispensable security guarantee and a trustworthy reason for all players. Playing online is an increasingly widespread habit, whether it is slot machines, roulettes, or card games, and it is essential to have criteria of this type to play with guarantees.

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