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A card game where players try to get a hand value of 21 or closest to it, without going over.


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A game of chance where players bet on where a ball will land on a spinning wheel.

Casino Blog

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Slot Machines?

The selection is very wide, and you are sure to find the most suitable one for you. Whether you prefer traditional slot single currency or the thrilling experience of the multiplier slot, the slot machine jackpot or progressive jackpot or slot digital video, sure to find the machine that best suits your personal preferences, remember that you can play both in physical casinos with some of the main players in the history of slot machines, such as Big Bertha, or in online casinos with slots more technologically advanced. It’s up to you!

Single Coin Slot Machines

This type of slot machine is responsible for the beginning of the history of slot machines: the first manufactured slot machine model, characterized by simple and intuitive operation, but no less exciting for that! To play with this type of slot machine, you just have to enter a coin. Today there are many other payment methods available to play with slot machines, but if you want to experience the thrill of the game like it used to be, don’t miss out on the retro vintage experience of trying your luck with a single coin slot machine.

Multiplier Slot Machines

Multiplier slots are the most common slots today in both physical and online casinos. These slots owe their name to their main function: the payout of the prize increases and multiplies according to the number of coins entered, so consistency and luck are the two basic characteristics of playing with such a slot machine. This great category of slot machines also includes two variants that operate on the same principle:

  • Slots with a direct multiplier: in these slots, you will receive a prize directly proportional to the currency or bet made.
  • Slots with bonus multiplier: in these slots, the more coins or bets you place, the greater the chance that you will win the jackpot.

Since multiplier slots are the most popular, they are also the most varied. You can find them of all kinds, most with a touch screen to ensure an even more immersive gaming experience. They also offer you a lot of much more complex pay-lines than single-coin slots (15 to 100 different pay lines as a general rule).

Jackpot Or Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine

Slot machines with a jackpot or progressive jackpot are a very special type of slot that will keep you off the screen. You could almost say they are a matter of teamwork! And it is that these slots have a system that connects them to each other, and each time a player inserts their coins into the machine they are playing, the number of prizes of all the interconnected machines increases. That is, the more players and more coins are entered, the greater the total jackpot accumulated.

Play with a jackpot slot machine progressive jackpot is, therefore, an experience not to be missed by those who want to try something that gets a little out of the usual slots, taking into account the unpredictability of the prize.

Video Slot Machines

Video slot machines have quickly become the type of slot machines preferred by lovers of digital technology. Thanks to the interest of developers and the commitment of game providers to quickly distribute more and more innovative products, we can find today with video slots always updated according to the latest developments in pop culture. For example, they immediately reflect phenomena such as television series and movies.

They also offer the opportunity to play in a fun, attractive, fast, and interactive way, thanks to the elimination of all the mechanical elements typical of old slot machines, as well as detailed and surprising graphics that provide gaming experiences that have nothing to envy to traditional slot machines.